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Chief Editor

Remi Banjo is the creator, Chief Editor for ‘A Day In God’s Will’. Her friends lovingly call her ‘the Internet preacher’. She is a believer of putting God’s words into action, spiritually and physically. She strives to leave this impression on and with everyone she meets and in through her work. She loves writing, teaching and keeping fit with indoor wall climbing, running and boxing. Through A Day In God’s will, Remi hopes to bring together the unique blend of God’s word, prose and poetry.  Her vision is that whilst you visit and read the contents of this website, that you are truly Uplifted and Inspired to be all that you should be; making God famous along your way.

 The Talented ‘All Rounder’

It was July 2008, when Benjamin met a weary Remi clutching a draft copy of a book manuscript and website notes, looking all fed up and spent.  He asked to see asked what I wanted to achieve and within 10 minutes, he volunteered to put together some book cover design and templates. The rest as they say is History.  From that moment he has since volunteered his skills, time and ability to do anything and everything that comes his way. Benjamin is a detailed minded individual who believes in the simplicity of things.  He is a fecund web designer at CDi ( His work is awesome. In his leisure time, he enjoys all forms of activities, dancing (as you can see from his picture), watching animes (he is a huge fan), and loves bringing concepts to live by the almighty ‘Pen & Paper’.


BSL (British Sign Language) Translator / Coordinator

Doose is our in-house inspiration. To know her is to admire how she effortlessly changes opinions and notions despite her non-hearing.   She does an awesome job of translating key articles into BSL for our deaf readers, thereby connecting them to all that God is doing through us.

It was chance and blessed car lift that made her a part of ADIGW and w won’t have it any other way.  She is an avid reader and loves fashion, so much so, she braids her own hair! Look out for some great BSL Translation videos from her.


Proof Reader (1) TBC

Interview and discussion process for appointing individuals currently underway.


Proof Reader (2) TBC

More information coming soon. Individuals are being interviewed