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Chief Editor

Remi Banjo is the creator, Chief Editor for ‘A Day In God’s Will’. Her friends lovingly call her ‘the Internet preacher’. She is a believer of putting God’s words into action, spiritually and physically. She strives to leave this impression on and with everyone she meets and in through her work. She loves writing, teaching and keeping fit with indoor wall climbing, running and boxing. Through A Day In God’s will, Remi hopes to bring together the unique blend of God’s word, prose and poetry.  Her vision is that whilst you visit and read the contents of this website, that you are truly Uplifted and Inspired to be all that you should be; making God famous along your way.


Contributor(s) TBC

We are looking for guest writers/ authors or individuals who are of the same mindset who want to contribute to sharing the word of God through inspiration and encouragement.

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We are looking for proof readers who would like to work with us on a voluntary basis.