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Thoughts delivered in stronger thoughts, each day at a time!No pun was intended


To empower individuals, groups and nations embrace the fullness of life and reach their full potential by living each day according to the will of God and in doing so, making Him famous.


Imagine a world where the will of God is the source of direction, confidence and desired reality…
This world is attainable if we understand the importance of putting the word of God into action. Therefore ‘A Day in God’s Will’ has provided this website as a platform to help you achieve that through the materials on the website. We are here to encourage, uplift and inspire all daily by the knowledge and wisdom that comes from God’s word.



According to, Poetry is the art of rhythmical composition, written or spoken, for exciting pleasure by beautiful, imaginative, or elevated thoughts. The poems here will positively elevate your thoughts such that you experience a lifting up even in the face of a cast down.


BSL – British Sign Language
ADIGW works hard to cater for a vast array of audience. With the BSL, we hope to cater for our audience with hearing impediment. This is supported with our YouTube hosted videos adding more visuals to our resources available in the website.


In this website and on other material, ‘a day in God’s will’ hosts articles that will educate, inform, challenge, and inspire you to be all you can be – living each day in God’s will. We hope our Articles will provoke you enough to leave a comment, post an article or even a follow up article.


This Newsletter is another way of building that relationship with all our brothers and sisters. We’ll keep you informed and in touch with the entire goings on in ADIGW including our opportunities and deals helping you take advantage of them at the right time. Our newsletters are both electronic and in print.


Book Resources
C. S. Lewis once said, “We read to know we are not alone”  We will recommend great Christian books that will help you journey through your days such that with better knowledge, you’ll live each day as a victor and not a victim.