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Week 4, Book 4 – The Battle For Big School

By ADIGW in : Today in God's Will // Jan 27 2018

This book is absolutely hilarious. This title will resonate with parents all over ha!  The book is written by Sarah Tucker. It’s the first time I’m reading one of her books.



There were only 50 places in the best grammar school in Letchbury and everyone in the area who’s kid is due to go to big school, is desperate for them to go, including Lily.  But to everyone’s horror, especially lily, didn’t realise how tough gaining a place at The Oak grammar school would be!

Apparently, it is not enough to have a brainy, brilliant, studious or popular kid!  There are ‘other requirements’ that was expected of all parents, including Lilly and her husband Mike and after their first interview with the school, they soon realised that they were nowhere up to the standards The Oak required from its applicants! They were unable to cross off any list off ‘the other requirements’!

And so racing against time, Lilly embarks on a mission to make sure they come up to scratch!  She soon realises that she will have to ditch her laid back ambience, the war is on, the battle for big school has truly begun!  However, she is not without company – her friends Julie, Karen and Paul are all in the same boat…! Together, they give us a glimpse of how far parents will sometimes go, to get the best for their kids, especially when it comes to gaining admissions into top, over-subscribed grammar schools!!

I love reading book as it resonated with me. I have seen people relocate to a whole new country, just to get the kids into schools on the world’s top 10 list!!! I would most definitely recommend this book, its totally hilarious and a fun read and only 341 pages!

So my lovelies, what have you all been reading lately?


Much Love, R

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