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Late post! Week 3, Book 3 – The One Thing

By ADIGW in : Today in God's Will // Jan 27 2018

onethingSo, the books I ordered from my local library were not free by week three,I had to go through my ‘To Be Read’. (TBR) Pile.

I decided to pick ‘The One Thing’. By Agartala Keller & Jat Paasan.

Ive had this book for quite a while and use it for reference. However, I hadn’t really read it through properly, that is,  from cover to cover. Also it was the perfect book for week 3 because I felt i had too many things on my plate, all inter-related. I needed to find the core – or as the book guides – the one thing that I need to focus on that will make everything else fall into place,  effortlessly.
Review: Reading through, I remember why I bought this book years ago. It re-enforces the understanding and need for focus, on what is important to you as an individual, so that you can get more out of life.

This book has helped me to refresh some plans I had, cut through irrelevant clutter – think information overload 🙄. It has re-affirmed disciplines of how to NOT waste time doing stuff that has no value or does not matter, staying focused on my goal and working towards it one step at a time …and having fun doing so!!

The style of writing is easy to read, no pointing finger,shouting type of guide/ self help book. To be honest, It did not feel like I was reading a self help book at all.  It felt more like I was having a conversation with the author about a few things I needed to sort out.

If you are stuck in a rut or pulled in multiple directions and don’t know where to start, or having trouble deciding your next step of action, then this book is for you.


On that note, what gave you all been reading lately?

Much Love, R 😘

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