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Week 1, Book 1 – How To Write a Novel

By ADIGW in : Today in God's Will // Jan 7 2018


So, I was slightly wrong and pleasantly surprised by this book! I said it wasn’t about writing a novel! Well it is and then it isn’t.  It is about a young girl who wants to write a novel and be a best selling author, so that she can help to get her family (her mum and brother) out of their financial troubles!

I loved every page of this book. It reminded me of the trials and seemingly endless days of childhood.

When Aristotle, “Aris” the ‘voice’ of the Novel was just 12.5 years old, she received a gift from her mother Diane. It was a book called “How to write a novel in thirty days”

Her mum Dianne is broke and widowed and they are in desperate need of cash! Aris decides to use the gift she has been given. She will follow the instructions in the
“How to write a book in thirty days”

And she does and meticulosly too; from choosing a protagonist and uncovering her motivation, to setting the scene and grounding the novel of which the descriptions are impeccable!

I loved every Minute of the book. It reminded of adolescent years, when one believes that anything and everything is possible, if we just work at it, despite the chaos going on around us.

Oh and I also love the quotes at the beginning of each chapter. It sort of helps to set the scene in your mind for that chapter.

I would recommend this book, it’s a charming and fun book written from the eyes and heart of a 12.5 year old kid. I believe young adults would really love to read this book!
What’s my next read? Stay tuned!

Much Love,

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