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2018 Challenge (2)

By ADIGW in : Today in God's Will // Jan 2 2018


Hello everyone!

A big thank you to those who have confirmed that they will be joining the challenge!

Some folks have requested for a guide / theme to make the challenge more fun and help them have structure. To help us have put together a book reading prompt list. So here goes:
Genre – any genre excluding sexually explicit (and the like) content!
Prompts on books to Read (to make the challenge a little more interesting – listed in no particular order):

• Read a book with a number as the title
• Read a book about any of the gospels in the new testament – e.g Mark, Romans or John.
• Read a book about any of the books in the old testament e.g Psalms, Genesis
• Read a book with Jesus in the title
• Read a book with money in the title
• Read a memoir / autobiography, a book of someone you admire
• Read a book that is a thriller suspense
• Read a book that has been made into a movie (you don’t have to have watched the movie)
• Read a book written for teenagers / Young Adult
• Read a book recommended by someone who is also taking the challenge
• Read a book about Christian Faith
• Read a book by your favourite author (in your feedback explain why they are your favourite author)
• Read a book about one of the women in the Bible, e.g Ruth.
• Read a book about one of the men in the Bible, e.g Joseph.
• Read a book you saw someone reading in public (e.g on the bus or train) in your feedback explain why you were drawn to the book.
• Read a book that was a best seller in 2017
• Read a book published in 2018
• Read a book by an African author
• Read a book by an African publisher
• Read a book with gratitude / thanksgiving in the tile
• Read a book that is red in colour
• Read a book that is white in colour
• Read a book with your favourite colour as the cover and explain why it is.
• Read a book about friendship
• Read a book about the church / Pastoral leadership
• Read a book about mental health / Psychology
• Read a book about health and wellness
• Read a book with happiness in the title
• Read a book that teaches you a new IT / social media skill.
• Read a book written by a politician
• Read a book about leadership
• Read a book with an animal name in the title
• Read a book about healthy eating.
• Read a book about your business) industry field
• Read a book about starting a business


I hope this is helpful, but If anyone has any interesting prompts that they would like to add, please do send me a message and I will update the list


I will follow this post with what is currently on my reading list for 2018.
Remember the point of the whole challenge is to get everyone reading more, exploring, expanding and increasing in wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

Happy reading bookworms!
Much Love,


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