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Day 1- Grateful for Good Health!

By ADIGW in : Today in God's Will // Dec 1 2017

joy“Praise the Lord! (Hallelujah!) Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; For His mercy and loving-kindness endure forever!” Psalm 106:1 (AMP)

I reminded a few friends yesterday that our December thanksgiving season is already here!  How quickly the year has flown by!  I also mentioned that we have been doing this since 2005, now that is quite a long time.  However, one thing that transpired is that regardless of how long we have been counting down the years in thanksgiving & praise, by the grace of God, our excitement has not dimmed every time we embark on this. That in itself is worth being grateful for!  We have been and still are always excited to express our gratitude to God, and share to that despite whatever might have taken place over the last eleven months, God indeed is good and merciful and we simply just want to say to Him ‘Thank you’.

On that note, starting us off, today we are exceedingly grateful for Good and Perfect Health!   The quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson, expresses the essence of our gratitude today ~ “The first wealth is health”

Good health is a gift from God!  Without it, experiencing the best of life will be limiting and somewhat difficult; a lot of things we take for granted will have to be thought of, planned and assistance employed to make it happened. To be in good health is to be able to give the world and our families the best of us.

We are grateful that our spirit, body, mind and emotions are all in good condition!  We are thankful for good mental health, if the media has anything to do with it, we will all be an anxiety filled, depressive and saddened bunch!  Yes, bad and evil things are happening around the world, but we must believe that good still exists through Jesus Christ.  And so we say, thank you Lord for helping us to see the good in all, to see the better in all, and to see you in all situations, even when we don’t understand the situations themselves.

We are grateful to God for good spiritual health especially in a world that is increasingly moving away from all things God; even in the corporate church!  We are grateful for the presence of the Holy Spirit who teaches and guides us in His pure unadulterated truth and will daily. It has not been an easy staying the path, one where every word and guidance needs to be tested for truth; but it is worth it! Thank you Lord!

We are grateful to God for good physical health; the desire to look after your temple, our bodies, the way we should; eating healthy, losing those extra pounds and resting when we should.

Today, Lord we are truly grateful for good and perfect health and all it entails. We are grateful that we are sane, we are physically fit, we are emotionally stable and sound, and that our spirit and soul prospers with your presence and word.

Lord we raise these to you today as a sweet smelling thanksgiving and praise offering, we pray it is acceptable in your presence today and always.

Over to you dear readers, WHAT ARE YOU THANKFUL TO GOD FOR TODAY?


Leave your ‘Thank You’ notes in the comment section of the website – glorifying God and encouraging others along your way.

Much Love,






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