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Day 28: Unlimited Power

By admin in : Today in God's Will // Dec 28 2016

power-of-god4“God’s power is unlimited.
He needs no teachers to guide or correct him”. Job 36;22-23 CEV

There is nothing God cannot do, no problem He cannot solve and no situation He cannot turn around.

Today we are grateful for God’s unlimited power. This is because it gives us the assurance that as children of God we have access to the all powerful God, the one who reigns supreme. This in turn means that there is nothing we will or should lack being His children.

Father we pray that our gratitude for your unlimited power and our access to it as your children is acceptable in your presence in Jesus name. Amen.

Got a complex problem or issue that needs solving? Why not hand it over to God, His power and wisdom will put aright all things for His glory.

Over to you beautiful people, what are you thankful to God for today?  Leave your thankful notes in the comment section of the website. Glorify God and encourage others with your gratitude.

Much Love, Remi

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