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Day 26: Time With Loved Ones

By admin in : Today in God's Will // Dec 26 2016

black-family-outdoors1“We love because he first loved us.”
1 John 4:19

It’s the day after Christmas and usually a lot of people can’t wait to run out the door and run to the shops for the sales.

We are always of the opinion the time spent together, when everyone is together is very precious and be treated as such.

Today, we are greatful for the space in time to spend with family and loves ones. It is a privilege to gather together – no one missing or ill. The Lord has been good to us that we are all still here celebrating our salvation in Jesus Christ.

We are grateful for the opportunity to catch up with each other, to create memories, to meet new additions to the family and, to pray and praise and be thankful together.

It’s a beautiful thing and we are blessed for the opportunity to do so.

Do you have the opportunity thos season to spend with loved ones? We encourage you to make it a priority for we only have the moment we are in. Live in and enjoy the moment you are in for there will come a time when all we will have is the memories we made along our way.

Dear Lord we really thank-you for the precious time to spend with family and Loves ones this season. We pray that our gratitude is acceptable in your presence in Jesus name. Amen.

Over to you beautiful people, what are you thankful to God for today?  Leave your thankful notes in the comment section of the website ( Link in Bio). Glorify God and encourage others with your gratitude.

Much Love, Remi

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